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What do the reports fields mean?

There are a few fields that we've added to reports and here is a quick breakdown of what they mean.

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(Project/Task) Days Active

The amount of days the Project or Task has been at the active status

(Project/Task) Length

The length of the Project or Task from Start Date to Due Date


Allocated time x Task Rate

Total Burn

Monetary progress (Time Tracked x Task Rate) of your Project or Task

This is the total burn for a project or task, irrespective of the filters selected.

Filtered Burn

Monetary progress (Task Service Rate x Time Spent) of your Project or Task after a filter has been used such as Time Tracked Date.

Total Time Spent

The total amount of time spent on a Project or Task, irrespective of the filters selected.

Filtered Time Spent

Time spent based on the other report filters you've selected, for example, time spent between a certain date range, time tracked by staff.

Time Variance

The difference between Time Spent and Time Allocated (Time Allocated - Total Time Spent)

Budget Variance

The difference between Budget and Total Burn

Quoted Variance

The difference between Project Quoted amount and Project Invoiced amount

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