Getting Started with ProWorkflow

This guide will show an example of setting up your first Project in ProWorkflow.

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To get started with the tool, the first step you need to do is to add users (individual contact).

We have different types of users - Staff, Clients and Contractors.

All users can be added to Projects and Tasks but only Staff users would be able to track time. Click here on how to add individual contact.

All user types needs to be assigned individually to a Company.

Click here on how to add Company in your account.

Add a project is the next step. This will be the foundation of setting up your tasks and tracking time against each task within the project.

Follow the steps below:

1) Click on the (a)'Homepage' icon or (b)'Projects' tab in the upper navigation

2) Click on the 'Add'

3) Click 'Project'.

4) Pop-window will appear where you can enter your information of your Project:

Details tab - input the Client, Title, Category, Start Date etc.

Description tab - if you wish to add more information.

Assigned to tab - add project members from your contacts list. You can select from your staff, client and contractor list.

Task Template tab - select predefined set of tasks or skip this if you prefer to add tasks manually.

5) Click 'Done' to add the Project.

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