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How do I approve/decline a Timesheet?
How do I approve/decline a Timesheet?

This article shows you how approve or decline Timesheets.

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As an approver, you’ll get the new Review/Approvals tab in the Timesheet section where you’ll find a list of your submitters and the details of their timesheets for the current week. On the left you’ll see the status of their timesheet as well as the total time they’ve tracked and on the right is a breakdown of each day of the week. If you set up rules earlier then any days with rule-breaking time records will be shown in red and you’ll find a warning symbol next to the time records themselves.

Depending on the status of the timesheet you can approve, decline, lock or unlock each timesheet. If you approve or decline a timesheet you can also add a message, this is particularly helpful to explain why you’re declining a timesheet.

As an approver, you can also click the timesheet date to review older weeks and we’ve handily highlighted in green any weeks where you have timesheets waiting for approval.

Lastly, if you’re in a rush then you can approve any submitted timesheets and lock any open timesheets with just one click of the Approve/Lock All button.

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