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How do I submit a Timesheet for approval?
How do I submit a Timesheet for approval?

This article shows you how to submit your timesheet for approval.

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If timesheet approval has been setup for you, then you’ll see a new option on your timesheet page to submit your timesheet. If you have multiple approvers (lucky you!) then you can choose who to send the approval request to. You can also enter a message that will be added to the email notification that the approver receives.

When you're ready to submit your Timesheet for the week, simply click on the 'Submit Timesheet button at the top of the Timesheet.

A pop up will appear for you to select who to submit it to (if there is more than one approver).

Optionally, you can type in a message to go with your timesheet.

Once a timesheet has been submitted for approval, it will be locked, and pending approval.

Once it has been approved, the Timesheet status for that week will change to approved.

If the timesheet is declined, you will receive message alerting you, and your timesheet will reopen for you to resubmit.

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