Do you want to lock time records for the week so you can keep track of time spent, and stay on top of your staff hours?

If you answered yes, then Timesheet Approval is the thing for you!


Each Timesheet represents one week (Monday – Sunday) for a single staff member and can be in 4 states:

Open – The timesheet is unlocked, time records can be added or changed.

Submitted – The timesheet has been submitted for approval.

Approved – The timesheet has been approved.

Locked – The timesheet has been locked.

Once a timesheet has been submitted it can either be approved or declined (which sets it back to open). If a timesheet hasn’t been submitted then it can also be locked straight away.

If a user’s timesheet is submitted, approved or locked then time records in that week cannot be changed and new time records cannot be added. Of course, if a timesheet has been approved or locked then it’s possible to unlock it if changes need to be made.

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