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How do I change the appearance of my account?
How do I change the appearance of my account?

You can change the color scheme for your account to your preference!

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The Look'n'Feel settings allows you to upload your Company logo, and select a color scheme for your team!

  1. Click 'Settings' in the upper navigation

  2. Click 'Look n Feel Settings' on the left

  3. Upload an image for the top right of the header using the 'Browse' and 'Upload' buttons

  4. Adjust the URL link for the image using the 'URL (Link)' field

  5. Adjust the Heading Title (upper left of the header)

  6. Upload an image to be shown on reports using the 'Browse' and 'Upload' buttons

  7. Select from a default color scheme using the colored buttons

  8. Define custom colors using the color pickers

  9. Click 'Update' in the upper left to save changes

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