How do I use Custom Forms?

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A Custom Form is a business form with text fields, check boxes, radio buttons or drop-down selectors that can be filled out by Clients or Staff when requesting or creating a Project with a Project Template.
Custom Forms are written in HTML and can be added by anyone with the Project Templates Add or Edit Permission.
As Custom Forms vary widely between accounts you will need to write them yourself. We recommend asking a web developer or using an HTML form creation tool (there are many free tools available online).

If you'd like to create a new Custom Form:

  1. Go to the Settings Page

  2. Add or Edit a Project Template

  3. Navigate to the Custom Form tab

  4. Enter a title for the form

  5. Click 'Source'

  6. Type or paste HTML form code into the text area

  7. Click 'Source' again to preview the form

  8. Click 'Next' or 'Finish Now'

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