How do I add a Project Status?

(For Advanced Plan Only)

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The Project Status feature lets you set up a list of possible statuses. These lists are separate for each of your teams.

Once a Status has been added, it will available on any Project for the relevant team.

To add a project status by team:

  1. Go to Settings tab

  2. Click Status Editor from left navigation

  3. Click 'Add New' button. Pop-up window appears then fill-in status name, select the team where status will be relevant, display order and choose color (optional).

  4. Then click 'Add' button to save.

To edit or delete a status, just hover your mouse into each status name.

'Edit' and 'Delete' icon will be displayed for selection.

Project Status can be changed by double-clicking them on the Project Details Page or by editing the Project.

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