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What are the Users & Permission Roles?
What are the Users & Permission Roles?

This article explains the different types of roles available for Staff users

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A role is a set of permissions that can be assigned to a Staff user to determine their account access.

In the Advanced Plan, roles are created for a Team and every Group will be able to use the roles assigned to their parent Team.

How do I define a role?

Using the Roles and Permissions section in the SETTINGS > Company > Users & Permissions page, roles are then assigned whilst editing or creating a contact in the Contacts Page within the Contacts Manager page or by selecting the User and their corresponding Role from the Users & Permissions page.

What should I use roles for?

Roles are a way to simplify the allocation of permissions, for example you can create a “Team Member” Role, a “Project Manager” role and an “Administrator” role each with an increasing level of permissions.

Can a user be assigned to more than one role?

Yes, a user can be assigned multiple roles, the permissions are cumulative so a user will have the combination of the permissions defined in each of their roles.

Why can’t I see any available roles?

Roles are created for each Team so check that the user you are trying to assign a role to, belongs to a Team that has at least one role defined.

Best Practice Suggestions

  1. Setup the minimum required number of roles, if you are creating more than 5 roles per Team then consider reducing the number. Avoid creating one role per person as this reduces the usefulness of roles.

  2. Whenever possible, assign a user to only one role to avoid confusion about what permissions they have.

  3. Give roles clear names, if you have multiple Teams then consider using the Team name in the name of the role.

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