Administrators are called 'Super Users' as they have full access on the tool, if you go to Settings Tab > Users & Permissions, and look at the 'Permissions' column to the far right side you'll find that all check boxes are ticked which means they are able to view and do all these items.

A Project Manager's access is more limited compared to an Administrator as this role does not have full permissions to the Settings Tab (account set-up), is not able to view All Work (which means all projects and tasks entered in the software) unless they are the assigned PM to a certain project.

Lastly, a Team Member has the most limited access as this role does not have access to account set-up at all, they are only able to view projects and tasks they are specifically assigned and are not able to run reports.

Keep in mind though that all these roles are just standard samples provided as default but you always have the option to customize or create new roles in ProWorkflow. So if you need to set an individual or certain roles' permissions to a granular level, our tool definitely allows that.

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