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How do I add/edit/delete header links?
How do I add/edit/delete header links?

How to add quick links in the top header of ProWorkflow for easy access

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Adding header links can allow your team to easily navigate from one area to another by clicking on a URL link. Whether this is a commonly visited URL link to all, or 

To add or make changes to a header link, follow the below instructions: 

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab > General Settings page

  2. Scroll to Header links section, and to add a link click 'Add New' - you will then be prompted to add the URL link, and a name for this link to be displayed.

  3. To edit a link, click on the pencil icon for the link

  4. To delete a link, click the bin icon for the link

Please note that the header links are visible to ALL users and appear at the top of each page. 

Still stuck? Feel free to contact our team! 

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