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Creating a new custom permission

Add an additional User and Permission role that can be selected for a number of contacts

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Having a number of interns coming through, or a few team members that you want to have the same access to? It may pay off to set up a new custom role that will allow you to easily assign these permissions to them without having to create customized roles for each new team member coming in. 

To create a new Custom role, follow the below steps: 

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab > Users & Permissions page

  2. Select a contact that you wish to apply this new role to

  3. Click on the '+Add' button to create a new role

  4. Give this new role a name

  5. Click on Edit Role

  6. Add the permissions to the role 

  7. Click 'Save' to apply these changes

Once this role is created, you can then easily apply these permissions to a number of users with login access.

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