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How to get started on managing your projects

The basics for managing and choosing the correct projects that will bring value for your business

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What do I need to know to get started on managing our projects? 

Project management isn’t as difficult as it all sounds. Yes, you will need to be able to coordinate cross departments, but nevertheless, this is where technology kicks in to give you the push on managing all your projects in a systematic way. 

When it comes to the more practical side of things, remember that projects should have an estimated start and due date, as well as the actual start and due date. Having these will allow you to evaluate whether or not you are meeting targets in addition to improving future forecasting and estimation.

Above all, project management is about being proactive by planning and accounting for risk that may occur throughout the life of a project. Whether this is through resource scheduling, clear communication schedules, or having an overall timeline view to see all the upcoming work available; small aspects such as these add up to a higher success rate. 

Choosing your projects:

Let’s face it, there’s only so much that we can do in a day, let alone a week. Picking your projects and prioritizing this based on your own selection criteria is imperative to a business’s success. 

This is often aligned with your own business strategy- whether this is to gain more marketing share, develop your core products, or simply finding the projects that have the most return on value; all the projects that you take up should lay the blocks needed to reach that goal. 

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