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How to Favorite Projects

How to quickly access key projects that you are working on

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Sometimes we are stuck working in a project for a long period of time everyday. Having the ability to access these projects on the fly saves you time from finding a project, and instead having it accessible in any tab through two clicks. For example, if you want to quickly find projects you always track time against, then the “Favorite” option is just for you!

Once logged into ProWorkflow:

  1. Click on the “Projects” tab at the top to be navigated to the Projects Page.

  2. Then click on a “Title” of a project. You will then be navigated to the Project Details Page.

  3. Beside the Project Title there is a star icon – once you click on this and the star highlights yellow, this has been saved as a favorite project.


How to find your Favorite Projects?

Next to the search bar in the top right corner, click on the star icon. This will show you a list of your Favorite Projects.


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