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What are the different types of Users in ProWorkflow?
What are the different types of Users in ProWorkflow?

Find out the different users & permissions for Clients, Contracts, and Contractors?

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When setting up a new ProWorkflow account there are three distinct user categories that can categorize a user - Staff; Clients; and Contractors. The user permissions will also be different based on the type of user assigned. 

Staff User:

For a staff user that has login access, this will require a paid user license. 

Staff users will be able to have full access to the system, including the ability to add and delete projects or tasks. Additionally, only staff users are able to track time which is beneficial to get an idea of how much time is being spent on a task. Nevertheless, these permissions on what staff members can do are easily changeable from the Settings > Users & Permissions page.


A client is the customer that you will be completing a project for. Their access to the system will be limited and will often be logging in to get a better overall view of the projects that they are assigned to. This acts as another platform to connect directly with the people involved within a project. 

A client does not require a user license and you can have an unlimited number of clients that can access the system.


A contractor is used for other contacts who will assist you in the project by completing project tasks. By allowing login access for a contractor, they will be able to mark tasks as complete to easily pass on this information to the people involved in the project. 

Please note that Clients and Contractors will not be able to track time, and does not require a paid license

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