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Changing Users and Permissions

Control who can see and do what

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Transparency is good within a business, however, giving administrative access to a fresh intern might not exactly be the best idea. 

Feel free to change the Users and Permissions settings (granted that you yourself have the correct permissions), by navigating to the Settings tab > Users & Permissions and changing these settings as per required. 

To change the permissions, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab > Users & Permissions tab

  2. Click on the contact you wish to change permissions for

  3. Select pre-existing roles to apply to this contact (learn how to create one here), or create a new custom Permission

  4. To create new custom permissions, click on the tick nox Custom Permissions

  5. Select the Permissions you wish for this contact to have

  6. Click "Save" to apply these changes

Some particular things to note in regards to permission settings:

Super user: This overrides all the permissions that you have set, and they will be able to access all aspects of the system as well as make any changes. 

View ALL work: Allows the user with this permission to view all other projects and tasks that other staff members are working on. This can be changed by clicking on the Viewing options in the top header.

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