Accepting Project Requests

Accepting Project requests from Internal and External staff

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Projects can predominantly come from two major sources; internal staff, and external staff. This is where ProWorkflow comes in handy- allowing your clients to login and access the system and fill out a form that can turn into a Project Request will save you time and open up another platform to communicate with your clients. 

Take control of your work requests with our Project Requests feature. This is a great feature for both you and your clients, allowing them to submit work requests and streamline your Project process.

To set this up:

Once you’ve logged into ProWorkflow:

  1. Click on the “Settings” tab at the top.

  2. Under “Workflow”, click on “Project Requests”.Here you are able to change the template that your client fills in.

Then ensure you have given your client access to Request New Projects.

Once logged into ProWorkflow:

In the Solo and Professional Plan – Clients are automatically able to request new Projects.

In the Advanced Plan

  1. Click on the “Settings” tab at the top

  2. Under Company, select “Users & Permissions”

  3. Click on “Clients”

  4. Select the relevant Client

  5. On the right side, you will see the Permissions section – check the box next to “Request New Project” and click Save.


Once your client has logged into ProWorkflow:

  1. Click on the Projects tab at the top.

  2. Then click on New Project Request

  3. The Add Project Request window will pop up, and the client can now enter the project details, and click save to send the request



Once the client has submitted a new Project Request, you will be able to review this Project Request via by going into the Projects Page, and clicking on the Project Requests tab.

You are then able to review the request, approve and create the Project.


Nevertheless, internal clients such as a new project for the marketing department is also available. However, this is only for the Advanced Plan, where different teams can request projects for other teams. 

Extra tip: We understand that not all our customers want their clients having login access. For those who are wanting an external Project Request feature, try out our Zapier option here.

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