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How to find your past projects

Searching for your all your active, completed, or deleted projects

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As your business steadily grows, it is only natural that the project portfolio gets larger and larger- sometimes to the point where it becomes hard to track where they all are. 

Using the Project Archive, you can easily search for a project and filter out the ones that you no longer wish to see. Whether this is completed projects, deleted projects, or even those 'missing' projects that may have been hidden in the midst of everything, using this feature will help you find the projects you want.

Once you have logged into ProWorkflow:

  1. Click on the 'Projects' tab in the upper navigation, and then the Projects Archive in the Sub tab. 

  2. Change the search filters to narrow down your search to the fields you are looking for. For example, this can be by a specific keyword in the Project Title, Project status (Active/Complete/Deleted), Project Categories, or by clients. 

  3. Click Search.

  4. The generated results will then be based on the filters you have previously entered in, and you can click into a Project title to navigate directly to that Project. 

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