How to edit a Project

How to edit your project in ProWorkflow

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Projects always change- whether this is the start and due dates, the people working on the project, or even the project scope itself - this happens more often than you think and in times like this, editing the Project details are vital to ensure that all of this is accurate and up to date. 

You can edit your Project details by following the below steps: 

Once logged into ProWorkflow:

  1. Click on the 'Projects' tab in the upper navigation

  2. Click on the project you wish to make changes to. 

  3. Click on 'Edit Project' button

  4. A window should appear where you can choose to edit the Project details such as the Client, Project Title, Category, Start/End dates. Click through the tabs to edit information such as the Description, Assigned To, and click on Settings to change the different modals that appear within that Project.  

  5. Click 'Done' or 'Finish Now' to save your changes for the Project. 

Alternatively, you can also hover over any project details, and if the field is hovered and highlighted in green, you are able to double click on the area to make changes to that relevant field. 

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