What is Project Management?

An introduction to the importance of Project Management

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Introduction to Project Management:

Everyday we are involved in numerous projects and tasks. These projects aim to bring value to the company- whether this is a boost in marketing, doing a project to build goodwill in the community, or to simply make some revenue; these are the objectives of the project. If you are doing a project, but this brings no value - you must then evaluate why this project is being completed in the first place!

But before we go any further, what actually makes up a project? 

Characteristics of a project: 

  1. An established objective: Often singular purpose that is lacking in daily or organizational life in which workers perform repetitive operations every day. 

  2. Defined life span with a beginning start date and an end date: Contrary to ongoing duties and responsibilities of traditional jobs, often individuals move from one project to the next.

  3. The involvement of several departments and professionals: Projects require the combined efforts of a variety of specialists. They all work closely together under the guidance of a project manager to complete a project.

  4. Doing something that has never been done before: Non-routine and unique. Anything that requires a degree of customization can make a project unique.  

  5. Specific time, cost, and performance requirements: Evaluated according to accomplishment, cost and time spent. This requires a higher degree of accountability than what you would find in most jobs. 

Put all of this together, and you get the following definition - "a project has an established objective with a defined life span that involves several departments that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim within specifications."

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